How to register/unregister ViewerX ActiveX?

There are several ways to register ViewerX ActiveX:

  • by the use of the REGSVR32.EXE program, you can find it in the ViewerX installation directory or in Windows folder.
    To register a control you simply have to digit the following command:
    regsvr32.exe D:\MyProjects\scvncctrl.dll
    and to unregister a control:
    regsvr32.exe /u D:\MyProjects\scvncctrl.dll
  • by using the ActiveX Control Test Container: Start the program (it is part of the Visual Studio Tools), select "File", "Register cotrols..." from the menu. You will see the follwing dialog box, which can be used to register and unregister controls.
  • by using other programs or directly via operating system calls.