Connection History log

The Connection History feature stores information about VNC/RDP/SSH/etc connections that were established via the VNC Manager in a centralized log.

When Local, Amazon S3 or configuration profile is used, the VNC Manager logs events in a XML file. When Database-based configuration profile is used, the log is stored in a database.

Viewing Global Connection History Entries

To view the logs for all the registered computers click on the Connection History button (Alt+F6 shortcut).

By default, the connection history grid displays log entries from the last 30 days. The date range as well as the other filtering settings can be changed by clicking on the Filter button.

Filtering settings:
  • From/To: Allows you to select dates to filter by.
  • Server address: IP address or host name of the server computer.
  • Client address: IP address or host name of the client computer.
  • Local user name: Displays the logon name of the user who initiated the connection.
  • Connection name: Displays the name of the Registered Computer that was used to establish connection. Click on the Locate button to quickly locate the Registered Computer in the Registered Computers tree.
Viewing Connection History Entries on a Per Registered Computer Basis

Connection history entries can be viewed on a per registered computer basis. To view information about the connection history to a particular registered computer you should open this computer’s properties sheet and select the Connection History tree node in the left settings tree.

Connection History Settings

Connection History settings can be changed via Tools \ Options \ Connection History page.

  • Maximum Number of entries: Allows you to set the maximum number of entries allowed in the connection history.
  • Delete entries older than: This setting provides an automatic way to delete entries that are older than a certain number of days.

APPLIES TO: SmartCode VNC Manager v6.0 or newer