Working with Configuraton Profiles Manager
Working with Configuration Profiles Manager

To launch Configuration Profiles Manager, select Manager \ Manager Configuration Profiles command. You will see a window similar to the screen shot below. The item with the green checkmark is the Active configuration profile, i.e. the profile that's currently loaded by SmartCode VNC Manager.

Configuration Profiles Manager

Toolbar Commands
  • New Configuration – Allows you to create a new configuration.
  • Activate – The Configurations Profiles Manager allows you to create multiple configuration profiles. But only one profile can be active at a given time. Use the Activate button to make a profile "active".
  • Properties – Use this command to edit a configuration profile settings.
  • Delete – Deletes the selected configuration profile. NOTE: This command doesn’t delete the files with settings; it only removes information about selected configuration profiles from the Configuration Profiles Manager.
  • Import/Export – Use this command to export and import information about selected configuration profiles. NOTE: This command only exports/imports the information about configuration profile. The actual data (the registered computers list, logon credentials templates, etc) will not be exported/imported.
  • Open in Windows Explorer – This command is enabled when you select Local XML configuration profile. It opens the folder that contains the configuration profile XML files in Windows Explorer.
APPLIES TO: SmartCode VNC Manager v6.0.28.0 or newer