Dropbox.com Configuration Profiles
Dropbox.com Configuration Profile

SmartCode VNC Manager uses Dropbox API to upload and download configuration files from the configured Dropbox folder. There is no need to install the Dropbox client on the computer, SmartCode VNC Manager includes all the software necessary to work with Dropbox.
Dropbox.com Configuration Profile Properties
Dropbox.com Configuration Profile Settings window

Configuration of the Dropbox Configuration Profile is fairly straightforward, but there is one particular setting that needs to be explained in detail – Upload Configuration Changes.
After the user has made modifications to the configuration profile settings, SmartCode VNC Manager commits the changes. For Local XML File Configuration, it saves changes to local configuration files or commits modified setting to the database when a database-based configuration profile is used. Saving to a local file or committing changes to a database takes little time and doesn’t interrupt the user’s workflow.

Depending on your Internet connection speed, uploading files to Dropbox.com might take some time. That’s when the Upload Configuration Changes setting might come handy. Selecting the When application window is being closed mode instructs SmartCode VNC Manager to aggregate all the changes and commit them in one go when you close the application main window.

APPLIES TO: SmartCode VNC Manager v6.0.28.0 or newer