Command line switches
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Command Line Switches
Creating Desktop Shortcuts
Command Line Switches
SmartCode VNC Manager supports the following command line switches:
vncamanger.exe [/removelic] | [/connect:<Registered Computer GUID> | <address[#port]> [/protocol:<ProtocolId>] | [/mtool:<ToolId>]]
  • /removelic
    Removes licenses from the computer
  • /connect:<Registered Computer GUID> | <address[#port]> [/protocol:<ProtocolId>] | [/mtool:<ToolId>]
    Establishes a screensharing connection or opens a management tool
    • Registered Computer GUID
      Will establish connection using settings stored in a registered computer with the specified identifier. See "Creating Desktop Shortcuts" section for information how to find out a registered computer identifier.
    • address[#port]
      The remote computer IP address or DNS name and the port number a remote server uses to listen for incoming connections
    • protocol:<ProtocolId>
      Will establish connection using one of the supported protocols:
      Protocol Name ProtocolId Value
      Web browser3
      External tool4
      Microsoft HyperV (virtual machines browser)7
      Microsoft HyperV (open connection to a VM)8
      Vnc (view-only mode)10
      Citrix ICA11
      Team Viewer12
      DameWare Mini Remote Control13
      HP Remote Graphics14
    • mtool:<ToolId>
      Will establish connection using one of the management tools:
      Management Tool ToolId Value
      Service Manager0
      Device Manager1
      Installed Software Manager2
      Task Manager3
      Share Manager4
      Printer Manager5
      Event Log Manager6
      Shutdown/Reboot Computer7
      Terminal Services Manager8
      Wmi Query Manager9
  • vncmanager.exe /connect:398a657b-bc1c-4bb4-a235-f0db87f0e298
    Establishes connection to a registered computer with the given Id using registered computer's default connection protocol.
  • vncmanager.exe /connect:398a657b-bc1c-4bb4-a235-f0db87f0e298 /protocol:1
    Establishes RDP connection to a registered computer with the given Id.
  • vncmanager.exe /connect:398a657b-bc1c-4bb4-a235-f0db87f0e298 /mtool:3
    Opens the Task Manager and establishes connection to the address associated with the registered computer.
  • vncmanager.exe /connect: /protocol:0
    Initiates VNC connection to the computer at on port 6555.
Creating Desktop Shortcuts

To start a desktop shortcut to a registered computer open the Registered Computer Properties window (F6 shortcut) and select the Miscellaneous node.
The group of numbers and strings after the "/connect:" switch represents the registered computer unique identifier.

Create Desktop Shortcut

APPLIES TO: SmartCode VNC Manager v6.0.16.0 or newer