Query MAC address: the differences betwen ARP and WMI methods
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"Query MAC Address Form"
Display MAC Address in the Registered Computers view
Query MAC Address using the Registered Computer properties dialog

Query MAC Address

This feature allows you to query a remote computer’s MAC address

There are three ways to query a computer’s MAC address with the VNC Manager:

  • Use the Query MAC Address form.
  • A computer’s MAC address can be displayed as a column in the Registered Computers list.
  • You can also click on the Query MAC Address button in the Registered Computer’s properties dialog.

"Query MAC Address" Form

To open the Query MAC Address form, right click on a Registered Computer’s listing and select Computer Management Tasks -> Query MAC Address command. Alternatively you can use Ctrl+Shift+W as a shortcut to open the form.

The numbered items apply to the numbers shown in the picture at right:

  1. Target computers list.
  2. Allows you to specify a method to query a computer’s MAC addressby either using ARP or the WMI method. Both methods have their pros and cons.
    Method Name Pros Cons
    ARP query
    • Extremely fast.
    • Doesn't require logon credentials in order to establish a connection with a remote computer.
    • Only works on the network segment you are using ARP on.
    • Works with IPv4 addresses only.
    WMI query
    • Works with remote computers located on any network segment.
    • If the remote computer has more than one network adapter installed, the WMI method allows you to select which network adapter’s MAC address you want to get.
    • Works with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
    • Slower than the ARP method.
    • In order to establish a WMI connection you might be prompted to provide logon credentials.

Display MAC Address in the Registered Computers View

The VNC Manager can query a computer’s MAC address using the Check VNC/RDP/SSH Server Status (Ctrl+U) command. The VNC Manager will attempt to retrieve a computer’s MAC address only if the following setting is enabled: Tools -> Options -> Server Status Check -> Resolve MAC address.

Query MAC Address using the Registered Computer Properties Dialog

Open the Registered Computer’s property sheet and select the General page. Make sure that the "Computer Address" field is not empty. Click on the button to the right next to the MAC address text field shown in the picture below.

APPLIES TO: SmartCode VNC Manager v4.5 or newer