Reset VNC Server Password Wizard

The VNC Server Password Reset Wizard

The Reset VNC Server Password Wizard allows you to reset the VNC server password on remote Windows-based computers. The Wizard is compatible with the following VNC distributions: RealVNC, TightVNC, and UltraVNC.

Prerequisites: Before running the VNC server password reset task, please make certain that your client and the remote computers meet all of the prerequisites described in "Prerequisites" KB article.

To start the VNC Server Password Wizard, select Wizards & Tools from the Computer Manager tab of the Registered Computers resource frame. Alternatively you can open a context menu on the registered computers list and select VNC Tasks -> VNC Server Password Wizard command.

Configuring a Password Reset Task

The numbered items apply to the numbers shown in the picture at right:

  1. These two options allow you to specify the new password for the selected computer or computers. You must select at least one of the two options. NOTE: The maximum length for a VNC server password is 8 characters. NOTE: The "View-only" password option is supported by TightVNC server only.
  2. This option specifies the product on the target computers. Please make sure that you select the correct VNC server distributions.
  3. Checking this option restarts the target computer, making the new password effective afterward.