Computer Properties
Active Directory Computer Properties

When you select an All Computers folder or an Organizational Unit tree node, you will see list of Active Directory computers.

You can work with them the same way you work with Registered Computers. But there are some minor differences. Such as is that you cannot delete an Active Directory computer, at least not yet, but this feature is coming soon. Also, you can only inherit connection settings from the Active Directory node; It’s not possible to inherit connection settings from the Organizational Unit node.

The Properties window is very similar to the Registered Computer properties window. But the properties window for Active Directory computer contains some additional Active Directory related items:

  • Select the Active Directory node to view the list of the Active Directory object’s attributes and their values.
  • SmartCode VNC Manager allows you to modify the value of computer’s object Managed By property (select the Inventory tree node to see this property).
  • The Description field allows you to modify the value of computer’s object Description property.
Active Directory Computer Properties

APPLIES TO: SmartCode VNC Manager v6.5.1 or newer